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About the Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Blueprint

Learn more about your acoustic guitar, including acoustic guitar anatomy, tonewoods, body shapes, how guitars produce sound, and much more.

Acoustic Guitar Maintenance

Acoustic Guitar Maintenance

Learn several easy maintenance tasks you can do yourself without specialist tools or experience.

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Resources for the home studio owner, wanting to record quality demos with a focus on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Buying an Acoustic Guitar

What to look for in an acoustic guitar

There’s a lot to consider when buying an acoustic guitar, even more so if this is your first guitar.

Guitar Theory

Guitar Chord Theory

Resources for the acoustic guitarist who wants to learn basic music theory without getting overly complex.

Acoustic Guitar Accessories

Clip on Guitar Tuner

Learn more about accessories available for the acoustic guitar including pickups, stands, and strings.


Man writing music on acoustic guitar

Interested in writing your own music? Click here to find free resources for those new to songwriting.

Alternate Tunings

Alternate Tunings for Acoustic Guitar

Learn the basics of a number of alternate tunings including drop D, double drop D, DADGAD, and open E tuning.


Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods

The wood your guitar is constructed from has a large influence on the sound of the guitar. Learn how different tonewoods affect tone.

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    Resources that will help you learn guitar theory faster, including information on how to read guitar tab, chord charts, and how to navigate the fretboard of your guitar.
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