Learn how the acoustic guitar produces sound and music, and how the characteristics of the guitar affect the sound we hear.

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Guitarist in sound treated room

How Acoustic Treatment Works – Improve the Sound of Your Room

Learn how acoustic treatment works and improve the sound of your studio or practice room for recording acoustic instruments and vocals. Click here to learn more.

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DADGAD Tuning. The Beginners Guide.

The complete beginners guide to DADGAD tuning. Learn more about – how to tune to DADGAD, Simple movable chord shapes, useful scales and some of the artists and songs that play in DADGAD tuning.

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The Best Guitar Strings For A Warm Sound

The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for a Warm Sound

Which acoustic guitar strings offer the warmest tone? Click here to read our in-depth guide and learn more how your strings contribute to tone.

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The difference between electric and acoustic guitar strings

The difference between electric and acoustic guitar strings

Learn the key differences between electric and acoustic guitar strings and why they are made specifically for their chosen instrument.

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Double Drop D Tuning

Double Drop D Tuning – DADGBD

The definitive guide to Double Drop D Tuning. Learn how to tune to double drop D, and take advantage of this fantastic tuning. Click here to learn more.

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Drop D Tuning for Acoustic Guitar

Drop D Tuning for Acoustic Guitar – DADGBE

An in-depth look at drop D tuning and how to play to its strengths on the acoustic including how to play open chords, power chords and unique chord voicings that in many cases sound better than if played in standard tuning.

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Alternate Tunings for Acoustic Guitar

Alternate tunings for acoustic guitar

A simple to follow guide to Alternate Tunings for Acoustic Guitar, including tuning diagrams and tips to make tuning easier. Click here to learn more.

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How to Record Acoustic Guitar on Smartphone

How to record acoustic guitar on your smart phone

Did you know that your smart phone is capable of producing professional quality audio? Learn how to record acoustic guitar on your smart phone.

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Audio interface

What to look for in an audio interface

Learn what to look out for in an audio interface, including how to select the best interface for your home studio, why an audio interface is a must have item and what technical terms such as ‘sample rate’ actually mean.

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Microphone for recording acoustic guitar

How to Choose the Best Microphone for Acoustic Guitar Recording

Learn what makes a great mic for acoustic guitar recording, how microphones work and the different types to choose from along with our top recommendations.

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Short scale acoustic guitars

Short Scale Acoustic Guitars – Everything You Wanted to Know

Short scale acoustic guitars are becoming increasingly popular. Learn what a short scale acoustic guitar is, how the shorter scale affects playability and the impact this has on tone.

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How to measure guitar scale length

How to Measure Guitar Scale Length

Learn how to measure scale length and why simply measuring the length of the string able to freely vibrate is not an accurate method.

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