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Understanding Rhythm Notation For Guitar

Learn how to read guitar rhythm notation, how to think about rhythm, and how to apply this when learning new music. 

Acoustic Guitar Specifications

What is an Acoustic Guitar?

New to the acoustic guitar? We’ve got you covered. Learn the parts of an acoustic guitar, how the acoustic guitar works, and its evolution from humble stringed instrument to modern acoustic guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Types and Body Styles

Acoustic Guitar Types and Body Styles

Acoustic guitars come in a wide range of body shapes, and styles. Click above to learn the types of acoustic guitars available and the various differences in tone and playability.

Acoustic Guitars for Sale in Music Store

Buying an Acoustic guitar

Buying your first acoustic guitar? We’ve covered the questions many new guitarists have, including how much you should spend, what to choose, and how to ensure you’re getting a great deal.

Man Recording Acoustic Guitar Track

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Interested in recording your own music? Click above to learn how to set up your own home studio, and get hold of the right equipment for recording acoustic guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Construction

Acoustic Guitar Construction

Learn how acoustic guitars are made, including a complete run-through of the process from start to finish, and the materials they are constructed from.

Guitar Amp

Acoustic Guitar Amplification

Learn about acoustic guitar amplification, the 3 main types of pickup available, and how to prevent acoustic guitar feedback when plugged in.

Guitar Theory - Fretboard Chart

Guitar Theory and Learning

Get started with guitar theory with our simple-to-follow guides on learning the fretboard, chord theory, 7th chords, the CAGED system, and an introduction to guitar scales.

Alternate Tunings - DADGAD Tuning

Alternate Tunings

Everything you need to know to get started with alternate tunings including an introduction to drop D, Double drop D, Open E, and DADGAD tuning.

Acoustic Guitar Brands

Acoustic Guitar Brands

Learn the who’s who of acoustic guitar brands, along with our in-depth guide on some of the best ‘underrated’ acoustic guitar brands operating today.

Clip on Guitar Tuner

Acoustic Guitar Accessories

Learn about the huge range of accessories available for the acoustic guitar including strings, picks, tuners, stands, cases and more.

Man writing music on acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar Songwriting

Interested in writing your own music? Click the link above to find our free resources for songwriting on the acoustic guitar.

Who’s Behind the Site?


My name’s Marty, I’ve been into guitars for over 30 years, writing, recording, and performing.

Theacousticguitarist.com is my blog where I write about acoustic guitars and everything I’ve learned along the way.