Are Small Guitars Easier to Play?

Man Playing Small Guitar

Far more than merely cosmetic, the shape and size has an influence on the dynamic range, volume, and projection of an acoustic guitar. But how does size affect playability? It’s … Read more

What is an Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

Performer with Acoustic Electric Guitar

An Acoustic-Electric guitar is an acoustic guitar with a pickup system and preamp. This allows the guitar to be amplified, through a PA system or acoustic guitar amplifier. A 9V … Read more

Acoustic Guitars that Play like Electrics

Acoustic Guitars That Play Like Electric Guitars

A closer look at acoustic guitars that play like electrics, and some additional pointers on how you can make your existing acoustic guitar play more like an electric, if that’s your thing.

How to Pick The Right Size Guitar For Your Child

Child with 3/4 size guitar

Want to give your kids the best introduction to guitar possible? Getting them started on the right foot starts with the right size guitar. Learn how to pick the right size guitar for your child with our in-depth guide.