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About Marty

The site is owned and operated by Marty. I’ve been messing around on guitars for almost 30 years and in that time have played in a bunch of different bands, written a bunch of songs, played a bunch of shows, and even owned my own business selling custom guitars.

I’ve spent most of my time as a singer-songwriter, the song has really been the thing for me, rather than mastering technique. I’ve played with some great guitarists in that time and been fortunate to make a lot of lifelong friends thanks to music, but my priority was always songwriting, at least up until a couple of years ago when I really started to become more interested in honing my chops and becoming a better guitarist. Strangely enough, that was when I put down the electric guitar and really got back to my roots and acoustic guitar music.

While it’s been quite the journey from the acoustic guitar (the first CD I bought was by Tommy Emmanuel) to metal and back again it’s nice to find myself back in familiar territory with an acoustic guitar by my side.

I write all the content on the website and have always had an interest in, and subsequently tend to focus on the mechanics of the acoustic guitar, guitar, and guitar-related accessories and topics such as alternate tunings, music theory, beginner guitar lessons, and acoustic guitar maintenance.

If you have a question related to acoustic guitars or just want to get in touch, be sure to visit the contact page.