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Acoustic Guitar Songwriting

Interested in writing your own music? The acoustic guitar is, in my opinion, the premier instrument for writing music. Check out our articles below on songwriting on the acoustic guitar. We’ll be adding more in the not-too-distant future.

This guide is part of a longer series of articles on acoustic guitar songwriting, including the following:

Why is the Acoustic Guitar so well suited for Songwriting

For one, it’s versatile. Writing music on the acoustic guitar won’t limit you creatively. It’s an instrument found in all walks of musical life from delta blues to rock, through to jazz and classical music. In the hands of an accomplished technician such as Mike Dawes or Tommy Emmanuel it’s capable of great complexity but in the hands of a renowned singer/songwriter such as Bob Dylan, plays a crucial supporting role, never getting in the way of what really matters, the song.

It’s also portable, you can take it anywhere. As it’s an instrument that doesn’t require electricity or accessories it’s a far more accessible instrument for improvisation or if you suddenly find inspiration strikes while sitting around a campfire.

It’s also an honest instrument. Let’s face it, the best songwriters leave themselves open. Stripping things back on the acoustic guitar removes distraction and highlights the central theme of a song. There’s nowhere to hide a lack of musical prowess if relying on just your voice and the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar.

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