What to look for in an acoustic guitar

What To Look For In An Acoustic Guitar

Wondering what to look for in an acoustic guitar? new or second-hand? how much you should spend? which brands you can trust. Our in-depth guide covers everything you need to know and more.

Four Types of Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Types of Acoustic Guitar Pickups

A simple to follow guide outlining the different types of acoustic guitar pickups, how they work, the differences between the four main types of acoustic guitar pickups available and the pros and cons of each.

Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods

A Guide to Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods

The term ‘Tonewood’ is used to describe wood used in the construction of stringed instruments, chosen for their acoustic properties. In the following article we’re going to explore the world of acoustic guitar tonewoods, and explain how different characteristics of timber such as density, moisture, strength and flexibility influence how an acoustic guitar sounds.

Steel Resonator Guitar

How Does A Resonator Guitar Work?

Resonator guitars generate their unique sound by transferring the vibrations from the strings of the guitar, through the bridge, to a ‘resonator’ e.g. a metal cone (or multiple cones) located within the body of the guitar. Resonator guitars can feature single cones (biscuit or spider style) or three cones (tricones) … Read more

Preamplifier - Classical Guitar

Why Do Acoustic Guitars Need Batteries?

Ever wondered why acoustic guitars need batteries but your electric doesn’t? Acoustic guitars use batteries because the most common pickup systems used produce only a weak signal that requires a preamp to boost the signal to line level. The preamp requires a power source, which in most cases is a … Read more

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