Left handed acoustic guitar

Can An Acoustic Guitar Be Strung Left-Handed?

🔑  Key Points: Right hand acoustic guitars can be strung left handed. While the shape of an acoustic guitar is symmetrical (unless featuring a cutaway) giving the impression that all that’s required to change orientation is to change the strings around, attention should also be paid to the nut and … Read more

Who invented the acoustic guitar?

Who Invented The Acoustic Guitar?

The first nylon string acoustic guitar was developed in Italy by Italian luthier Gaetano Vinaccia. However the design and standardisation of the modern classical guitar, is credited to Spanish Luthier Antonio Torres Jurado working in Sevile, Spain in 1850. The first steel string acoustic guitar was developed by Christian Frederick … Read more

Mic position near sound hole

Why Do Acoustic Guitars Have Sound Holes?

Acoustic guitars have sound holes to allow for greater vibration of the soundboard and facilitate the release of internal resonance that would otherwise be contained within the guitar body. How sound is created on the acoustic guitar While the answer above is a decent summary of the role of the … Read more

Classical Guitar Neck

Why Don’t Classical Guitars Have Truss Rods?

Classical guitars don’t require a truss rod as the tension from the nylon strings is much less than the tension steel strings place on the neck of a steel string guitar.  What is a truss rod? There are a number of subtle differences between how steel string acoustics and classical … Read more

Vintage acoustic guitars on wall

Why Acoustic Guitars Sound Better With Age

Shouldn’t guitars, like most things improve over previous decades with the benefit of modern design and manufacturing practices? Or is it just a case of, they don’t make ‘em’ like they used to?

Acoustic Guitar Body Styles and Sizes

Acoustic Guitar Body Styles and Dimensions [9 most common]

The most common acoustic guitar body styles are the dreadnought, jumbo, orchestra, concert, parlour, classical and flamenco, along with travel guitars and 1/2 and 3/4 models. Click here to learn more about how the shape and dimensions of the guitar affect tone and playability.

Acoustic Guitar Anatomy

Anatomy of an Acoustic Guitar [The Complete Guide]

The diagram above shows the anatomy of an acoustic guitar. Some guitars may vary e.g. many classical or flamenco guitars will not feature a pick guard or truss rod but for the most part, the components listed below are common guitar parts on all acoustic guitars. The section below provides … Read more

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