DADGAD Tuning [The Beginners Guide]

The complete beginners guide to DADGAD tuning. Learn more about – how to tune to DADGAD, Simple movable chord shapes, useful scales and some of the artists and songs that play in DADGAD tuning.

Double Drop D Tuning

Double Drop D Tuning [DADGBD]

The definitive guide to Double Drop D Tuning. Learn how to tune to double drop D, and take advantage of this fantastic tuning. Click here to learn more.

Drop D Tuning for Acoustic Guitar

Drop D Tuning for Acoustic Guitar [DADGBE]

An in-depth look at drop D tuning and how to play to its strengths on the acoustic including how to play open chords, power chords and unique chord voicings that in many cases sound better than if played in standard tuning.

How to learn all notes on guitar

How to Learn All Notes On Guitar

How to learn all the notes on your guitar’s fretboard. A complete guide to the chromatic scale, root notes, octaves and intervals and handy hacks to help memorise the fretboard.