CAGED Minor Chords

CAGED minor Chords

The CAGED system is a great way to break up the fretboard into smaller, more manageable sections. But in our other articles on the CAGED system, we’ve only discussed major … Read more

Why the CAGED System Is Important

Why the CAGED System is Important

“Music is not difficult, it’s just unintuitive”The guitar fretboard is a challenging thing to master, and it’s not just beginners who struggle with it, many who have been playing for … Read more

Alternatives to the CAGED System

CAGED System Alternatives

The CAGED system has been relied upon by guitar teachers and included in teaching resources alike to assist guitar players in their first steps towards understanding and utilizing the entire … Read more

CAGED Arpeggios, An Introductory Guide

E Major - Caged Arpeggio

Learning and practicing arpeggios can help develop dexterity, improve improvisation skills and help with understanding and unlocking the fretboard, in short, arpeggios are hugely useful both musically and in terms … Read more

Understanding Caged System Scales

Caged Scales

This article is part of a longer series on the CAGED system for guitar and focuses solely on CAGED system scales. To get the most from this article, if you … Read more